The ELCA has several companions in Nepal, dating back many years, and some are partnering with the ELCA in the Young Adults in Global Mission program.

Since 1984, Lutheran World Federation Nepal, a country program of the LWF World Service, has been working with marginalized and disadvantaged communities of Nepal on disaster-risk reduction and emergency preparedness and response, sustainable livelihoods, and community-led actions for governance and justice. Its core commitments are human rights, impartiality, inclusion and participation, accountability, gender justice and climate justice, and environmental sustainability.

One critical engagement between the ELCA and LWF-Nepal has been in disaster relief after the devastating 2015 earthquakes. Following this were empowerment opportunities for Dalit (untouchables in the Nepali caste system), in particular, Dalit women. LWF-Nepal also is helping with community development among the freed Haliya (indentured farm workers) and administering a refugee camp for Bhutanese people.

LWF-Nepal supports community-empowerment projects of the Nepal Evangelical Lutheran Church with the Santal ethnic minority and the lowest Dalit class in the eastern parts of the country.

Another partner in Nepal is Lutheran World Relief–Nepal. Among the development programs of LWR are vocational training programs that keep Nepali people from emigrating in search of work.

Young Adults in Global Mission volunteers serving in Nepal will work primarily in projects and programs of LWF-Nepal (through the Nepal Evangelical Lutheran Church) and LWR-Nepal. They will also participate in the daily work and life of the Nepali people in informal education, vocational training, subsistence agriculture and activities that recognize the dignity of all people.

Most YAGM volunteers will be placed in small-town or village settings. They will support existing programs and projects of LWF-Nepal and LWR-Nepal, together with some occasional congregational work for the NELC.

Examples of service opportunities include:

  • Supporting activities among youth and children in the Bhutanese refugee camp
  • Serving in a vocational training programs for young Nepali people
  • Working with community organizers among the lowest caste of Dalit people in development projects
  • Working with community organizers and empowerment groups among excluded ethnic minorities
  • Engaging in church activities – Bible study, worship, youth – with the Nepal Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • Supporting Dalit women’s social and economic development and mutual-support programs
  • Helping develop and sustain programs of LWF-Nepal through monitoring and reporting mechanisms

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